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    It all started a few years ago when a couple of passionate Information Technology Service Management fanatics met Microsoft’s...

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    SMAX Management Pack is an Add-on for Microsoft System Center Service Manager providing the means to send Incident ...
Our Products

Our products and services enable you to overcome some technical challenges you may be facing if you are planning to improve the quality of the IT services you provide. Our focus is on providing the tools and skills to combine technologies and business processes efficiently to meet the most complex business requirements, goals and objectives.

Our aim is to provide simple and easy to use products, allowing you to focus on the business and deliver quality services to your customers and end users.

With our specialized professional services for custom software development and integration, we are focused on providing solutions in the ITSM space to deliver on your goals and objectives.

For more information about each of our products click on the graphic below.

Kibiwave has many local partners that can provide you with any of our products as well as implementation services if required. Browse through the list below to find a local partner.
  • Signature-Consultancy

    Signature Consultancy is an independent consulting company focused on helping organizations improve the quality of the services provided by their IT departments through the adoption of ITIL, the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management in the world.  www.signatureconsultancy.com


Our Story
The Beginning
It all started a few years ago when couple of passionate information technology service management fanatics met system center manager. at that time, System Center Service Manager was the new kid on block in the IT Service Management space and it claimed to be ITIL compliant. The geeks they are, they needed know for sure and the only way to do that is to put it to the test.

Love at first Sight?
Once the tests started, the flexibility of Service Manager and the endless possibilities it offered were so amazing that Cupid did not need to lend a hand. And the relationship started there and then.

Relationship Drama
Like in every relationship, after a short while, the imperfections start to show. Yes they knew, no one is perfect. They had their flaws too.

Finding Balance or Parting Ways? That was the question. Being the love stricken fanatic geeks that they are, they decided to take matters into their own hands and try to make things work. Believe it or not, it was not easy at the time. Not enough information or help was available no matter how hard they seek. Despite that, they took the challenge. A lot of bumps in the road did not discourage them. After all there was so much at stake that they decided they are in for the full thing and they made the commitment

Yes! I am still talking about Microsoft System Center Service Manager...

First came SMAX to take Service manager into the calendar and daily schedule of all analysts.
Then SMTI came along and started picking up every time the service center phone rings.
After that, SMCC, the choreographer, saw the light to harmoniously orchestrate your change requests.

And as a new generation of products and add-ons is getting ready to come out, Kibiwave comes to life to focus on product development and to provide first class products and support services to the growing customer base.

This is our commitment!
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